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“The device communicates through your Heart Chakra. Your Higher Self will guide you in the right direction.” Kosol Ouch

What people will understand through time is that how science and technology advances, it will actually go back and simplify.  Because the universe, in its core, is simple, is The One.

From that simplicity the rich complexity comes. And so, people will with time understand that, for example, a simple piece of leaf is very, very advanced technology, that nature is far superior to all the “modern” technology we have.

Kosol Ouch

Many people across the world have been building and continue to build Q (Quantum) devices (Q1, Q2, Q6, Q24 and Q144) for various levels of intention. There are other Q devices that have also been developed by individuals, Q Grav, Q Replicator and many others. Most people are encouraged to start building a Q1, Q2 or Q6 as a start point in order to gain the understanding of the construction and connecting with the energy field from the devices.  The more advanced level of development is the Q144.

The Q144 is the more advanced level of Quantum device developments that appeared in April 2016 in Facebook Messenger chat groups, Zoom instruction sessions and published on YouTube.

Quantum Device Q144

You are your own doorway to your existence. The devices shown are a method of assistance.

Doorway To Yourself

A spectrum of specific frequency will be focused upon you each time you meditate with it. Depending on how you allow yourself to perceive those frequencies you will advance in connecting with the device.  

It will take some time and you will progress with each attempt, until you raise your vibration field enough to be able to fully connect. It has taken three months for the person who first received instructions to connect. There are people who have done it in their first meditation with the device.

Kosol Ouch

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