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A World Wide Public Domain Community Group Developing Quantum Devices.

The open source community group with which these devices were made and used started in early 2016.

This website is to bring attention the people shown across our planet earth in connecting with the energy of the universe.

The Q Devices built here are to bring awareness to the greater part of our own existence in connection with our Higher Self with the universal source energy. The letter Q in terms of the devices references the Quantum.  

The group started as information shared from Kosol Ouch “Bara May” Facebook account postings, Facebook Messenger chat rooms and posting to other Facebook groups. The instructions for building and connecting with the devices expanded into a Zoom conference meeting room and in the Facebook and Facebook Messenger community chat areas. Recording were saved and made available on Google YouTube. It is starting to come into a QQ group and other areas as an Internet presence.

The website shows many design types of the devices with the idea that a person can make a device in a minimum time ranging from less than a day to as much time as a few weeks depending upon the hours a person takes in the process.

Have fun, explore and enjoy.

The photos of the devices shown on this web site are from various Q Group members from various counties. These devices have be made for personal use, given as a donation, and sold to other people who did not have the desire in building a device on their own.

This is the main YouTube channel site as an education, Stargate meditation, laughing and joyful group with individuals talking and connecting with the Q Devices. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCziY06I0eXCCaXDSgONuZOA/videos

Additional Resources

More Reference Links to come showing the other language community members.

Qi- TECH and the HUMAN CONNECTION   PI Tech Team Q144

Elmar Kleikamp established a YouTube channel and documented his exploration of the Q Devices and his communications using the devices. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvqIsKjAV6lwax5atjrY1lg/featured

There is a Zoom Video Conferencing site where people come together and introduce themselves and talk about Q Devices and Stargate Meditation. https://zoom.us/j/8895560578

Kosol Ouch has a Patreon Donation Site for people who would like to contribute to Kosol’s continued efforts to build and educate.It is greatly appreciated. Click the Icon to see the patreon page